On June 17, 1990, Cedric and Alexine Moss opened the doors of their modest apartment to hold the first gathering of a new local church then known as Latter Rain Christian Ministries. The meeting was the realization of a call to pastoral ministry that Cedric had sensed for much of his early adult life. Latter Rain was a non-denominational church and at the time had no formal church affiliations, though Cedric maintained strong ties with a number of pastors.

The Lord added to the fledgling church, and, after two months, meetings were moved to the Ambassador Beach Hotel (now SuperClubs Breezes). As the church grew, closer relationships were established with other pastors and churches in the Caribbean and the United States with a view to strengthening the church and making it more accountable.

In August 1991, the church moved to rented space in the western half of the building it now occupies on Chesapeake Road. In 1995, through the providence and kindness of the Lord, the church purchased the building. Also, in 1995, after much prayer and deliberation, the church’s name was changed to Kingdom Life Church. The newly acquired building was extensively renovated, and a new auditorium and a number offices and classrooms were added and dedicated in 1998.

Over the years, God has enabled Kingdom Life to spearhead and organize initiatives and ministries that reached beyond our local church. Some of these are:

  • Interfaith Credit Union: A church-based credit union which was started in 1995.
  • Alternatives: A job search and readiness ministry to the unemployed.
  • Financial Dominion: An annual financial conference targeting persons in business and desiring to start businesses.
  • Music Camp for Children: This summer camp is now in its third year, and it seeks to envision children to develop musically and at the same time reach them for Christ.
  • Conferences and Seminars: These conferences and seminars have focused on marriage, parenting, wills and estate planning, financial rehabilitation, and evangelism.

In 2002, Kingdom Life commenced a humanly unplanned but clearly God-orchestrated relationship with Sovereign Grace Churches. Sovereign Grace Churches is a family of churches passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sovereign Grace is devoted to planting and supporting local churches, with a strong doctrinal basis that is evangelical, continuationist, and Reformed, and they are represented throughout the United States and 13 countries around the world.

For 10 months commencing August 2007, accompanied by his family, Cedric was afforded the privilege of attending Sovereign Grace’s Pastors College, then located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. At the Pastors College, Cedric received rigorous theological and pastoral training. This training has helped him and our church to center on and to grow in our understanding and love of the gospel. More than anything else, this love for the gospel best defines Kingdom Life Church.