Providing encouragement and support to the unempolyed...

Are you looking to be gainfully employed?  Have you ever considered the fact that you might have alternatives you never considered?  For instance, instead of looking for work, you might be able to create work for yourself, and perhaps even for others.  Either way...whether you prefer to simply find a job, or whether you decide to consider your "alternatives"...we are here to help.

Alternatives is a mercy ministry of Kingdom Life Church, and it provides biblical encouragement and practical support to the unemployed. The weekly group sessions bring together people who are walking through unemployment and facilitates their interaction to strengthen and help one another. Most importantly however, we point the unemployed to Christ who alone can meet their deepest need.

Through Alternatives we offer the following:

  • Practical assistance with the job search process: resume preparation, interview coaching, and participation in a job bank;
  • The opportunity to attend a weekly group session for motivation, encouragement, and assistance with considering your alternatives;
  • The opportunity to make the best of free time until employment is found; and
  • Assistance with basic necessities, where possible, (food, clothing, etc.).

We have a team of experienced volunteers and partners who can assist you.  As a church based ministry, our services are FREE.

Contact us by phone (242-393-8262) or by e-mail (, or simply attend our group meeting on Tuesdays at 10 AM at Kingdom Life Church, #25 Chesapeake Road. If you do plan to come, click here to let us know and give us some basic information.  We look forward to hearing from you and serving you through Alternatives.