Church Resolution 2017

Last year, our church’s resolutions were:

  1. PRAYER: Grow in praying together
  2. GATHERING: Grow in gathering together
  3. COMMUNITY: Grow in living in community
  4. EVANGELISM: Grow in reaching the lost
  5. DISCIPLESHIP: Grow in being disiples

However, we recognize that DISCIPLESHIP is the lead domino, and when we get discipleship right, the other areas will fall into place. As a local church, as we grow in discipleship, we will grow in praying together; we will be faithful to gather together; we will pursue and live in community; we will reach others and share the gospel and make disciples. Why will we do these things? Because they are clearly commanded in God’s word, and disciples of Christ obey his Word.

Therefore, for 2017 and in an ongoing way, we have a single Church Resolution:

DISCIPLESHIP: To grow in being and making disciples of Jesus.